Quality services

Elektron’s not only have qualified and skilled employees but also have modern machines and advanced technology.

Including working is with a high-level organism and logistical so that it enables us to cope with the most complex commands.

The machine has fast and efficient for a variety of services.

We offer metal bending, 2D laser cutting, powder coating, and spiral hole building. Our technology helps precisely cut 2D lasers and bend sheets in any shape and size. however our services are both for a single order and wholesale production.

Our services also are drilling and tapping, grinding holes or powder coatings.



Bending pipes and profiles




Elektron is professional in laser cutting by the TRUMPF L3050 5KW machine and the experienced staff. that makes us get the work done precisely and quickly. therefore, we can design the shape according to the customers’ requirements.

  •  The drilling of metal sheets is made at a thickness of 25 mm.
  •  Black iron, 15 mm.
  •  Stainless steel, 10 mm.
  •  Aluminum and work area 1.5 x 3 m.

The metal laser cutting is very popular because it can be completely reproduced. which is very important in wholesale production.

The combination of modern presses, advanced matrices and stamps and the experience of our employees gives excellent results in the form of professionally made plastic processing of various sheets. We bend sheets quickly and extremely precisely and thanks to the fact that the process is fully repeatable and automatic, we undertake even very large orders . The maximum pressure of our machines is up to 200 tons, thanks to which we have the possibility of plastic processing of materials 6mm thick over a length of 3 meters. All this is possible thanks to specialized, numerical control of machines. What’s more, we also bend steel pipes.

Our services are able to produce welding MIG / MAG in aluminum and other metals. as well as experienced professionals. The result is of high quality.

For stainless steel, we use the TIG by a method of tungsten electrodes. This welding technique is very popular because the received joints are of high quality and there isn’t a limitation on the connection position.

  • We have the ability to weld professionally and durable by the MIG / MAG or TIG methods. Contact us and request a detailed consultation for your project.

The process of cleaning or shaping is for any surface by an abrasive in a stream of compressed air or liquid.

The sandblasting makes the surface cleaner. Therefore is suitable for painting and there is no problem cleaning the corners or curves.

  • Other materials can be used by sandblasting: copper slag, shot, glass, metal, mineral.

To finishing and secure metal products, powder coating is often used. This technique has profitable and many advantages.

All defects that remain after processing are hidden under the applied layer of varnish.

  • Coatings is resistant to high temperature.
  • Reduce corrosion and rapid degradation of the surface or other possible damage.
  • We can coat in a maximum height of 2 meters, a length of 3 meters and a width of 1.5 meters.

Nowadays we are a professional team and able to various types of specialized machines. Our metal cutting offers to many company clients from all over Europe.

CNC machining makes possible to metal elements the desired dimensions, shapes and surface quality.

  • Our capability also includes abrasive machining, for grinding and honing a smooth, clean and desired surface.

Drilling holes in metals, we use the method of material machining, which consists of cutting with a drill. The result of work is the depth that the customer wants. Which generally uses a circular cross-section

We make the threaded hole (Both internal and external) for construction machinery and stainless steel that requires special machinery to produce precisely.

We also have milling machines, lathes, drills and grinders. And we can also increase the diameter of the cavity or the depth.

  • We guarantee punctuality, quality, and attractive service prices. Contact us for details.