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Manufacturer producer metalworking


The ELEKTRON company has been a modern company developing on the market in the field of metalworking since 2010..


We have over 60 experienced staff that enable us to provide higher quality services.

3500 M2 FACTOR

The plant intended for metalworking


On average, we implement 35 projects per month

Comprehensive metalworking

ELEKTRON  provides metalwork services in laser cutting, welding, drilling and threading. We have professional knowledge because we continuously improve. Therefore, our experience has helped us to solve the most difficult problems in past projects.

Elektron - Kompleksowa obróbka metalu

We are constantly developing our possibilities

LET’S TAKE COOPERATION! Are you looking for a contractor dealing with mass metalworking? You’ve come to the right place! Our company has large processing capacity and we are eager for all cooperation. Contact us!

Metalwork Services

Professional project service

Sheet metal working

Cutting and threading in metal


Surface Preparation

Product finishing

Assembly / Preparation for shipment


Quality control

Our specialized staff guarantees comprehensive project implementation

  • 3 Project Managers
  • 5 Technologists and Constructors

When implementing projects, we use software that speeds up and guarantees comprehensive project service.

We work on software such as:

  • CAD / CAM software
  • Lantek

Modern technology guarantees repeatability and precision of making even the most complex elements

Thanks to the extensive facilities in our offer you can find:

  • Laser cutting up to 25 mm black steel and up to 12 mm stainless steel
  • Guillotine cutting up to a maximum length of 2000mm and a thickness of 3mm
  • Bending sheet metal with a maximum length of 3000mm and a maximum thickness of 6mm

Using modern machinery, we optimize the process of cutting and threading materials, which allows us to significantly minimize production costs while maintaining the highest precision.

Welding of steel and stainless elements by MIG / MAG and TIG methods, and spot welding.

  • 9 welding stations (MIG / MAG, TIG)
  • Spot welding machine

Before finishing the production process, each product requires surface preparation.

In order to protect the product against corrosion and give the final appearance, a suitable coating is applied.

  • Powder painting
  • Galvanizing
  • Hot dip galvanizing

At the assembly stage, experienced staff of fitters and electricians not only combine metal with metal elements, but also enrich the structure and other non-metal components.

We combine metal with, among others, PVC, wood, glass, and we also make electrical installations.

The packaging is individually adjusted to the type of product and its size.

We deliver products to the address you specify, regardless of the location.

Quality is the most important for us

Thanks to implemented management systems, we offer products of the highest quality. Our team of controllers oversees the production process and guarantees precise execution.

High quality at a low price?

Our products are made of high quality materials using a modern machine park. Each product is subjected to rigorous quality control. Check our products.

Download the catalog and read the product details!

In the offer you will find all the details of our products:

  • detailed description of the products
  • types of materials
  • Who we are?
  • Services
  • photos of sample projects
  • application

Do you have questions about us? Do not hesitate, contact us!